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Molte Collane - Tourquoise Price: $95.00

This necklace will blow you away.  Made with stunning Chinese Turquoise and 14K goldfill, it contains 3 pieces but can be worn over 15 ways.  A removable pendant, shorter gold necklace, and long turquoise chip necklace encompasses the Molte Collane collection.  Try it with the pendant and gold chain for a classic look, connect both necklaces for a longer look, or thread the long turquoise piece through the large circles on the gold chain for a draped effect.  Each Molte Collane necklace comes with instructions and ideas for wear, but feel free to play and come up with new ways to wear it to complement your style!


Molte Collane pieces may be purchased individually. Please contact jen@jwpjewelry.com to inquire.

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